The Prophecy Trilogy
By James McKeever, Ph.D.
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    A clear, readable study of the book of Revelation, geared for plain folks. You need not continue to be confused or mystified by Revelation. God gave it to us to read, to understand and to act on what it says. This book has also been used effectively as an edifying study guide for Bible study groups, as it goes through the entire book of Revelation from start to finish. Highly enlightening on an important and oft-ignored book of the Bible.

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    The Future Revealed integrates the prophetic works of the Old and New Testaments, pulling togher many loose ends with startling insights into the way all of these various prophecies fit together. The author lays out the timetable that God has given for the remainder of this age and for the periods of time yet to come in such a clear, concise way that the average reader can follow it easily, and gain much understanding regarding what the Bible has to say about end-time events and prophecy, and how it affects you.NOTE: This softback book is out of print. We will substitute a hardback copy of "The Coming Climax of History," which is the exact same content under its original title.

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    What is meant by “the end times?” When will the rapture occur? Does it matter? How can I have divine protection like Daniel did? Due to a lack of knowledge, many Christians unnecessarily view the end of this age with an attitude of fear, defeat and despair. Yet God has made provision so that we can go through what lies ahead with real power and victory. This book tells you how you can become part of the victorious end-time army of Jesus Christ and face the end of this age as an overcomer.

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