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By James McKeever, Ph.D.
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How to Avoid the Mark of the Beast

Many Christians are afraid of the coming mark of the beast, without which they will not be able to buy or sell anything. What they do not realize is that there is a way to be divinely protected from the mark of the beast. This minibook tells you how to have that protection and to live in peace rather than fear. (28 pages)

How You Can Know The Will of God

In How You Can Know the Will of God, Dr. McKeever first discusses the reasons why God may not be guiding an individual. He then gives clear, biblically-based answers to the question most frequently asked of Christian leaders, "How can I know the will of God?", describing the five ways that God guides a Christian. (24 pages)

Is There Really Going To Be An Antichrist?

There are only a few verses in the Bible that talk about Antichrists. We are told that Antichrists were in the world from the first century on and that they went out among the church. This minibook examines what the Bible has to say in these passages. (20 pages)

Jesus...for the REST of Your Life

Jesus calls Satan the great thief. One of the primary things that he tries to steal from Christians is their peace. Jesus, the Prince of Peace, came to give you peace and rest; the enemy of our souls wants to give you anxiety and worry instead. This minibook helps you to focus your eyes on Jesus Christ and to learn how to maintain your peace, regardless of what life’s circumstances might bring. (20 pages)

Only One Word

We have received countless letters telling us how the minibook Only One Word has revolutionized people's lives and walk with God, as it helped them to focus in on what the Christian life is really all about. (20 pages)

Knowledge of Good and Evil, The

The Knowledge of Good and Evil addresses why God did not want Adam and Eve to have the knowledge of good and evil and how that is relevant to us today. This life-changing minibook cuts through to the core of the problem, answering questions that are key to living a victorious Christian life. (36 pages)

What Ever Happened to Hope?

In 1 Corinthians 13, Paul tells us that the three greatest things are faith, hope and love. There have been many books and messages on love and faith. However, rarely does anyone deal with the subject of hope. This helpful minibook will round out the big three, and help you begin to benefit from hope, just as you do from faith and love. (24 pages)

Where Will You Be in 300 Years?

This beautiful evangelistic minibook is a terrific gift for your unsaved friends. From an objective viewpoint, the author examines the hope that Christianity offers, the solid evidences of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, challenging the reader to consider his eternal destiny. Ending with a clear, but "non-religious" presentation of the gospel, it can easily be used as a tool to lead someone to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Great for personal witnessing, as well as waiting room literature tables. (36 pages)

Why Were You Created?

This challenging minibook addresses the question of why God created you. Learn how you can better do what you were created to do. (24 pages)

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