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James McKeever with Jeani McKeever, $12

  "Preparing for Emergencies will fulfill a very great need among all who are aware of the rapidly increasing occurrence of adverse events throughout the qorld. This information is needed by all. A COPY OF IT SHOULD BE IN EVERY HOME IN AMERICA."
  -- Col. Speed Wilson, U.S. Marine (Retired)

    Major disasters, such as earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, winter storms, fires, floods, riots, robberies, terrorist bombings, and nuclear explosions can strike suddenly. In fact, one of these disasters could strike any place on the planet earth at any time. This pragmatic book helps you anticipate emergency conditions, equips you to better handle disasters, gives advice on numerous related topics, such as storage of water and food, as well as how to maintain a source of light, heat and shelter. An easy plan to follow, given in priority sequence. (216 pages)

James McKeever with Jeani McKeever, $19

    This useful book tells you step-by-step how to make a transition from the city to a small town, a rural community or property in the country, or even to be more self-reliant in the city . This is not a theoretical book; this is real-life knowledge! Learn how to build a self-reliant home, whether in the city or in the country. Gain knowledge about other important considerations, such as electrical generation, sewage and waste disposal, and having a greenhouse, a garden, a vineyard, an orchard and animals. A "how to" book you won't want to be without! (420 pages)

James McKeever with Jeani McKeever, $29

    The Self-Reliant Workbook is a companion book to go with Self-Reliant Living. This is a working book in the form of a loose leaf, three-ring binder with divider tabs for subjects such as: construction ideas, orchards, solar energy, poultry, water supply, sheep and goats, gardening, vineyards, greenhouses, farm equipment, wind and water, energy, hunting and trapping, fish farming, septic systems and preserving food.
It includes some excellent articles from other sources on many of these subjects. Also included are a whole host of photographs and diagrams of how the McKeevers actually did things on the ranch. A picture is worth a thousand words!
This was the last book written by James McKeever, the late Founder of Omega Ministries, and it contains a wealth of practical knowledge from his many years of experience. This information can be invaluable to you in becoming more self-reliant.

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